LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — It’s been three weeks since fugitive ex-LAPD cop Christopher Dorner died in a cabin fire in the San Bernardino Mountains, and officials are still not entirely sure on whether the $1.1 million reward for his capture will be paid – or to whom it would be paid.

Los Angeles Police Department Chief Charlie Beck says that the police commission is still hammering out who – and how many – will get the reward money.

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“Well, we’re pretty close to agreement on the people that are eligible to receive the reward, so you know, that’s a good piece of it,” Beck said.

However, Beck would not say how many people are eligible for the reward, and how much of it would actually be paid out.

“Now we’re trying to decide whose rewards would apply in these circumstances,” Beck said.


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Dorner, a disgruntled former Los Angeles police officer and Naval reservist, terrorized most of Southern California for nearly a week after being named a suspect in the murders of a Cal State Fullerton women’s basketball coach – the daughter of a former LAPD captain — and her fiancé in Irvine. He is also believed to have murdered a Riverside Police officer and a San Bernardino County sheriff’s detective.

There were 31 entities – cities, law enforcement agencies, police unions and individuals – involved in putting together the unprecedented reward.

“So we have to be respectful of their rules, you know,” Beck said. “I think, certainly, that there will be individuals that will be eligible under the city of Los Angeles and private donors, but there are some municipalities that have very strict rules and we gotta respect those rules.”

The recipient – or recipients – of the reward will hinge on what is in the final report from San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, the lead agency that tracked Dorner to the mountain cabin where he was killed. It’s expected that the final report will include the names of individuals, what they told investigators and what role that information played in tracking Dorner.

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When asked if the reward could possibly be paid out within three to six months, Beck said, “Oh, I’m hoping so.”