SANTA CLARITA ( — For one southland family, nothing is too extreme when it comes to pet care.

The Bjorkmans really consider their ten-year old dog, Chomp, a part of the family. So much so, that they treat him no different from their kids when it comes to his health.

Chomp started having problems with his legs shortly before the family noticed that they started giving out. In addition, he became excessively sensitive to the touch, and would wimper loudly when anyone tried.

Mike Bjorkman and his wife, Anne-Marie, suspected they would have to put him down — until they had an idea.

“It was one of those things that clicked in my head,” Mike explained. “What’s a last resort?”

They called the chiropractor.

Phillip Pinto, a chiropractor doctor based in Newhall, about 30 miles north of Los Angeles, specializes in skeletal adjustments in animals.

“I always say to call the vet, clear it,” Dr. Pinto said. “If they say ‘Great, okay.’ we’ll go ahead and go to work.”

Chomp now has regular chiropractic sessions, that cost about $45, depending on what is necessary for Dr. Pinto to work on.

That’s a fine price, according to the Bjorkmans, who applaud the success of the sessions.

“You can see right after he’s adjusted, he starts jumping, he starts to move around quicker,” Mike said. “He’s just like a puppy. And he’s good for another 30 days or more, and eventually he’ll get adjustment, like we all do.”

For the Bjorkmans, a last resort was the difference maker between putting down their nine-year family member and giving him a whole new life.

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