HOLLYWOOD HILLS (CBSLA.com) — Finding a parking spot is a daily struggle for car-dependent Southern Californians, so overhearing a heated argument over a parking space in Runyon Canyon is not that rare. But catching it on video is.

“I live here…I live up here and I have to put up with this stupid s— every day!”

A video posted to YouTube shows a man arguing heatedly after losing his parking space on Fuller Avenue. The man says he lives on the street that leads up to Runyon Canyon and was waiting for someone to exit a spot when the man recording the video stole it.

“I apologize…you apologize? It’s a parking spot…I know it’s a parking spot. You saw me waiting for that woman to get in the car. There are other opportunities? What other opportunities?”

The man in the video couldn’t be found, but there were plenty of Runyon Canyon residents and visitors who felt his pain.

“It’s just jammed up here…parking is a nuthouse.”

“Lot of arguing.”

“It’s crazy like that around here.”

Parking is apparently a bigger problem on Fuller because it is not permitted on nearby residential streets.

Resident Mitch Gries says, “People fight over parking spots. I’ve seen fist fights break out.”


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