LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — The ex-girlfriend of Christopher Dorner Thursday said the now-deceased quadruple murder suspect couldn’t deal with the stress in his life.


Arianna Williams said the 33-year-old former Los Angeles Police Department officer wasn’t able to appropriately deal with his problems in the workplace.

“When you have a profession where you worked your whole life to really obtain something in that level of success…when you go into that environment where everyone else is not lined up with the way you believe and the way you think…after time, the stress could probably wear on you,” she said.

Williams continued, “I don’t think (that justifies) someone going out and killing anyone because they’re stressed out at work. Chris, unfortunately, was one of those people…he bottled up his emotions and wasn’t good at expressing himself.”

The suspect’s former girlfriend, who was never mentioned in Dorner’s rambling manifesto, said she decided to speak out in case anything happened to her.


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