BIG BEAR ( — A couple said quadruple murder suspect Christopher Dorner tied them up in their Big Bear condo Tuesday before a standoff with authorities that may have led to his death.


Jim and Karen Reynolds said they went to the cabin around noon to clean the place for rental purposes when they—and not two cleaning ladies as previously reported—stumbled upon the 33-year-old armed fugitive in their living room.

“He jumped up and hollered, ‘Stay calm.’ Karen screamed and turned and started running. And he ran after her. And he caught her on the staircase and brought her back,” Jim said.

Karen said, “He talked to us. Tried to calm us down. And saying very frequently he would not kill us.”

Dorner apparently zip-tied the couple’s wrists, put towels in their mouths and covered their heads with pillowcases.

Jim said, “He made us put our hands behind our backs, he tied our hands, then made us get up and walk to the back bedroom.”

“He was very calm and very methodical,” Karen said.

The couple, who said Dorner had his gun drawn the entire time, said they were with the suspect for 15 minutes before he left and stole their car.

“It felt like a lot longer,” said Karen. “I really thought that it was the end.”

Karen, however, said she was able to free herself from the constraints and call 911.

“We’re very happy to be alive and that the rest of our family is safe,” she said.

KCAL9’s Serene Branson said the Reynolds joked about cashing in on the $1 million reward for Dorner’s capture.

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