LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — CBS2 Investigative Reporter David Goldstein met a man who claims to sell the hottest tickets in town.

“It’s an ‘A’ list event. It’s an ‘A’ list event,” said the man. He first insisted Goldstein’s undercover producer would be mingling with the stars at producer Clive Davis’ GRAMMYs party.

The stars and host Clive Davis. “We’ll be in there with Clive Davis? Bumping elbows with Clive Davis?”

The man replied, “Exactly.”

Clive Davis has other ideas. “That’s just a fantasy,” he said, “That’s someone who’s trying to take your money.”

Goldstein responded to an ad on Craigslist, for tickets to tonight’s GRAMMYs.

He received a return email from Kevin Anderson with Dream Tickets Inc.

Their website says they sell tickets to VIP events and promise extraordinary access to big events.

Anderson insisted to Goldstein’s undercover producer that they “won’t have any problem.”

He told the producer he could get tickets for the exclusive gold section at the Staples Center … and more — like Clive Davis’ swanky, invite-only pre-GRAMMYs event. “You’re going to be on a list. I’m going to meet with the lady tonight or tomorrow and set it up. And I’m going to give her my guest list and let her know everybody that’s going to be there.”

The promise of getting into the party cost big bucks. $3,000 to be exact.

Anderson also claimed to have tickets to the Oscars and Governor’s Ball. “I can get you into the Governor’s Ball … no problem.”

According to the Academy, problem. A spokesperson tells Goldstein, “The Oscars and the Governors Ball are private, invitation-only events. Tickets are not available to the public.”

And the same thing goes for the GRAMMYs. Chief Business Development Officer Branden Chapman says tickets to the GRAMMYS are also invite-only.

The same thing goes for Davis’ pre-party. Says Chapman, “I find it very hard to believe. There’s basically two or three people that have control of the guest list. It’s a computerized check-in. As soon as one person checks in, the rest of the computers automatically known to void that individual off of any future check-in.”

Goldstein ultimately confronts Anderson. “I’m David Goldstein with CBS2 News. There are no tickets to Clive Davis’ party, are there?”

Anderson replies, “I don’t know.”

Goldstein demands, “What do you mean you don’t know? You just told this woman who works with us that you were going to get her into the Clive Davis party. What do you mean, you don’t know? Clive Davis’ people say they don’t sell tickets. It’s invitation only.”

Anderson says, “There’s invites and there’s people who can get them in.”

He claims he has “connections.” But Goldstein says, his website was created just last month. And the phone number is disconnected

Furthermore, his Dream Tickets Inc., isn’t incorporated in California — or anywhere else.

The cellphone number on his email is traced back to a man named Kenneth Cruz.

Goldstein asks, “Is your name Kevin Anderson or Kenneth Cruz?”

Anderson, or Cruz, didn’t answer but maintained he could deliver. “I got the right tickets, the right person and the right contacts to get you wherever you want to go.”

But Goldstein asks if “wherever” actually includes the Clive Davis party? Says Anderson (or Cruz?) “Whatever you think. Whatever you want to think.”

David Goldstein