SAN DIEGO ( — Before his alleged shooting rampage targeting police officers, Christopher Dorner was in San Diego, where he is suspected of tying up an 81-year-old man and trying to steal his boat.


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Former Los Angeles police officer Dorner, 33, is wanted on suspicion of killing at least three people, including a Riverside police officer and the daughter of a retired LAPD captain.

Authorities confirmed that Dorner, a military veteran, checked into a motel at naval base Point Loma on Tuesday, but never checked out. The base was searched, but Dorner was not found.

Some of Dorner’s clothes were found in National City and his ID turned up near San Diego Airport.

“So, obviously he’s very familiar with the area. We have confirmation that he stayed here, two days ago. We, uh, also have confirmation that he may have been involved in a robbery earlier,” San Diego Police Lt. Joe Ramos said.

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Dorner was allegedly armed with a gun when he tried to steal a boat at Southwestern Yacht Club in Point Loma about 10:30 p.m. Wednesday. The boat’s elderly owner was tied up, but was not hurt.

“It’s a shock, nothing like this has happened before,” Wong said. “We’re just grateful that our member is safe and we’re just trying to support the police investigation as best as we can.”

Police say Dorner talked about taking the boat to Mexico, but a rope got caught in the propeller so he took off, taking the boat owner’s cell phone.

A couple hours later, Dorner’s LAPD badge and a briefcase were found not far from the marina, near Lindbergh Field.

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