HOLLYWOOD (CBSLA.com) — It’s becoming easier than ever to keep an eye on spouses, children, business partners, and nannies with a new wave of spy gear.

Hollywood Spy Shop, located on West Sunset Boulevard, has a variety of surveillance gadgets that can catch every move a person makes without their knowledge.

Junior Sutitanom of Wolfcom Enterprises showed KCAL9’s Sharon Tay hidden cameras and recording devices in pens, key chains, smoke detectors, and watches—even inside neckties.

“(The spy tie) has a pinhole camera. It has a built-in microphone and it has a built-in memory. All you have to do is stop and start record using a remote,” said Sutitanom.

Tay reported that special clocks can be used to tell time and record video.

“You can hook up the clock to the Internet and you can actually view the video footage on a smartphone or on any computer from anywhere in the world,” Sutitanom said.

Sutitanom said a micro-mini digital camera is the perfect way for investigators to capture cheating spouses.

“Instead of pulling out a really big camcorder or a really big camera, they’re actually using a discreet camera,” he said.

If a person feels like they’re being recorded, the Spy Finder is a new innovation that can locate the gadgets.

“If there’s a spy camera hiding inside the wall, all you have to do is shine the light (of the Spy Finder) right up at it. When you look through the hole, you will see a reflection of the (other) lens coming right back at you,” said Sutitanom.

All of the devices cost anywhere from $50 to $400.

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