LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) —  Police say a 37-year-old Porter Ranch man is behind bars after threatening children on Facebook.

After Homeland Security agents were alerted to Mohammed Akbar Baraki’s Facebook wall, he was arrested at his home on Darby Avenue in Porter Ranch.

Reporting for CBS2 and KCAL9, Serene Branson said Baraki’s Facebook wall was filled with bizarre updates and troubling posts, including one that threatened the lives of school children.

In the wake of Newtown, Connecticut, of course, all threats are being taken seriously.

On his wall, Baraki allegedly wrote:  “Newtown is just the beginning of the attacks…more kids must be killed if anyone watched the bin Laden move will be shot at site…this is a final warning to all Americans.”

Branson went to the Baraki home where a man identifying himself as the suspect’s father answered the door. The father, who didn’t want to show his face, said his son was “not normal” but that he wouldn’t hurt anyone.

In broken English, he also told Branson that his son was just talking violent. “He doesn’t know how to use weapon, no weapons,” said the father.

LAPD Detective Gus Villanueva said two pellet guns were recovered from Baraki’s home.

According to Villanueva, having the pellet guns violates Baraki’s probation from a previous narcotics violations.

His father told Branson that the pellet guns were simply to control a problem they had with rodents.

Baraki lives within a few blocks of Castlebay Lane Elementary School.

Parents that Branson spoke to were shocked about the allegations made against Baraki. Parent Amanda Hampshire said, “I think it’s utterly disgusting. Who wishes something like that on little kids? Horrible.”


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