SANTA ANA ( — Santa Ana fifth-grader Jacky Angeles has been given the gift of a properly-fitting prosthetic leg.

The young bone cancer survivor has seen the loss of both her mother, who died of cancer, and her father, who died suddenly in October.

The new leg is a bit of a marvel for Jacky, who had been wearing a 3-year-old prosthesis and walked with a pronounced limp.

“It was probably like walking around in shoes that were two sizes too small every day, all day,” said Ken Hung, a manager at the Hanger Clinic, which donated Jacky’s new leg.

Jacky is still getting used to the new, properly-sized prosthesis and has to be reminded to not watch her leg as she walks.

Donations from strangers poured in for the Hazard Elementary School student, after she lost her father, Alberto, who managed her medical care.

“She’s had so much happen to her, and she’s still not really thinking about herself first, so we took it upon ourselves to help her, help her take care of herself,” Hung said.

“Stuff happens. It happens for a reason. And my aunt always says something bad comes, but it brings something good,” Angeles said.


»Donations Pour In For Cancer Survivor Whose Father Died Suddenly
»Girl Loses Father Suddenly After Leg Amputation, Mother’s Death


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