NORTH HOLLYWOOD ( — North Hollywood residents were reportedly burglarized while their apartment building was being fumigated for termites.

Police reported 16 residences were ransacked during a five-day fumigation process at a complex on Whitsett Avenue.

Residents said they were told they needed to leave Friday morning so fumigators could tent the building.

When they returned Tuesday, they came home to missing TV’s, DVD players and jewelry. Liquor bottles and perfume were also taken.

“Our drawers were looked through, our wallets were opened…we looked into some neighbors windows and (saw) TV’s missing,” said Anna Galfayan.

Victims said they signed waivers releasing the building’s management company and the fumigators from being responsible for their personal belongings.

“They told us to remove our jewelry and money, but you know, obviously they can still take TV’s,” said Galfayan.

Resident Wendy Karlin said, “Everybody thought they were taking care of the building. But we got taken care of.”

Police are investigating the incident.


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