By Juan Fernandez

RANCHO PALOS VERDES ( — Police are on the lookout for a masked man who has been stealing laptops from a realty office in Rancho Palos Verdes.

Authorities say this latter day Robin Hood has been caught on tape and believe he has finally been unmasked.

Juan Fernandez reports the story you will only see on CBS2 and KCAL9.

Realtors at Keller Williams in Rancho Palos Verdes say the perp seems to be the same guy. He’s broken in at least five times.

Each time he’s broken in, he has the same goal. Stealing laptops.

Grace Parris, the CEO Keller Williams says the burglaries all happen to be the same guy. “Same shoes, same jacket, same build.”

Adds Parris, “[He’s] really incredibly crafty, how he gets in, it’s almost like he is unstoppable security wise.”

The first few times, the alleged robber wore a disguise. But two weeks ago, he was clearly captured on a security camera.

First he is seen trying to break in using brute strength. When that doesn’t work, he tried using a crowbar. He didn’t get far.

He eventually heads to a back alley. He gets inside after punching a hole in the wall and reaching inside to unlock the door. Using just a flashlight, he enters and minutes later leaves with more laptops in hand.

Linda D’Ambrosi’s office has been a target each and every time. “He’s so violent. He puts holes in the wall. He uses a crowbar. He does crazy things. He kicks doors down. And e comes straight for my office. It’s like my office is his ATM. It’s his candy store.”

Many agents have now installed individual alarms in their offices, bolted their computers to their desks … anything to outsmart the crafty thief.

Says a weary Parris, “I’m hoping this is the last time. There isn’t much left for him to take. We’ve put a lot in place to protect the agents in the office.”

Juan Fernandez


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