MANHATTAN BEACH ( — Wealthy homeowners in an exclusive beach community in Malibu want to take sand from Manhattan Beach to restore their eroded shoreline.

The proposed $20 million replenishment project, which would put 27 acres of sand on Broad Beach, does not sit well with officials and residents of Manhattan Beach.

“If they’re spending $20 million to get sand to replenish their beach, what’s it gonna cost Manhattan Beach?” said Craig Cadwallader from the Surfrider Foundation.

Cadwallader continued, “(The sand) would be drudged out, which would change the bottom of the ocean. We don’t know what sort of impact that would have on the waves or any fish stocks.”

Residents called for an accurate, environmental impact report.

“They do have a serious problem at Broad Beach, but (taking) sand from Manhattan Beach, where we may need it in the future, is not the right thing to do,” said George Reppucci.

Wayne Powell, the mayor of Manhattan Beach, said he only heard about the plan because he’s on the L.A. County Beach Commission.

“They’re trying to get sand from Manhattan Beach because Manhattan Beach doesn’t own the mineral rights, so why pay for something when you can get it for free?” said Powell.

A Broad Beach resident told KCAL9’s Serene Branson via phone that the sand belongs to the state, not Manhattan Beach.

He called the replenishment project a win-win for protecting valuable private homes and opening up public access to the beach.


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