LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck disagrees with a jury who awarded a disabled man $1.6 million in connection to a handcuffing incident that left the victim with permanent nerve damage.

Allen Harris was also compensated $90,000 in punitive damages because of an officer’s excessive use of force in Nov. 2009.

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Officials said they went to the victim’s home with a search warrant because Harris’ son was an armed robbery suspect.

Harris said a rifle was pointed at him immediately after he opened his door to police.

“(They) told me to put my hand on the back of my head and move backwards toward my (son),” Harris said.

The victim said he told authorities he couldn’t raise his arm because of a stroke and a broken collarbone.

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“I told them I couldn’t (put my hand on the back of my head). My son told them I couldn’t. My son yelled outside the house and told them I couldn’t,” said Harris.

According to court testimony, Officer Alex Tellez yanked on Harris’ arm, re-broke his collarbone, and slapped handcuffs on him, which resulted in permanent damage to Harris’ wrist.

Beck released this statement about the jury’s decision:

“Harris refused medical treatment and an offer of an ambulance. Two handguns, a ski mask, and an iPhone (believed to belong to the robbery victim) were recovered in the Harris home. The court did not allow this to be presented to the jury.”

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The L.A. City Attorney plans to appeal the verdict.