CULVER CITY (CBS2) — Investigators have released security camera footage of a man they say raped a mentally disabled woman Wednesday on a Metro bus in broad daylight.

The 18-year-old victim, who has the mental capacity of a 10-year-old, told police she boarded the bus at Jefferson and La Cienega boulevards, in Baldwin Hills, when she noticed the suspect got on with her.

bus sexual assault suspect1 Only On CBS2: Man Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Mentally Disabled Woman Aboard Metro Bus

(credit: CBS)

Police said the man followed the victim to the back of the bus and, almost immediately, raped her.

The only other passenger on the bus alerted the driver and he got on the intercom to tell them to knock it off, CBS2’s Randy Paige reported.

The attack went on for 10 minutes before the driver stopped the bus in Culver City, police said.

The suspect exited at Slauson Avenue and Sepulveda Boulevard, which is bus line 217’s final stop.

“I’m sure the bus driver was paying attention to driving the bus safely, and there was no screaming or anything. The woman was probably so afraid that she didn’t scream out, or shocked at this attack,” Sgt. Dan Scott said.

The victim reported the alleged crime to police at 5:10 p.m. Wednesday.

Many said they are shocked a sexual assault could happen on a public bus.

“It’s sad to hear, it’s scary,” Metro rider Angel Wilson said. “For me, I try to sit close to the front so if anything happens at least the bus driver knows what’s going on, and if I need to escape I can escape fast enough. That’s why you have to go and buy protective stuff when you’re out there alone, like pepper spray and stuff like that, to defend yourself.”

“It’s no joke riding the bus at night. It’s sad to hear, that’s all I can say,” Metro bus rider Chanelle Spencer said.

Investigators say the bus’ security camera captured the man believed to be the rapist. He was wearing a distinctive grey and white striped, hooded sweatshirt.

Authorities are asking the public to examine the surveillance footage and contact them with any information. They said the suspect has probably done this before and investigators are asking any potential victims to come forward.

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