COSTA MESA ( — An Orange County man is prepared for just about anything, even the end of the world.

Jim DeLozier, a father from Corona del Mar, created what he’s dubbed the ultimate “Survivor Truck.”

The 13-ton vehicle, which runs on gasoline and propane, was designed to allow its occupants to survive a multitude of calamities, whether it’s a nuclear, biological, or chemical event.

“It went from a cool dad with a camper to a very, very utilitarian vehicle that can pretty much survive anything,” DeLozier said. “If something was to happen, I would be able to withstand almost any event.”

The prototype for the truck is equipped with gas masks, night vision cameras, and self-contained breathing apparatus.

In addition, the truck features a water filtration system that can process any water source and has enough freeze dried food to feed a family of four for two years.

Depending on the model, the price tag for the vehicle is anywhere from $100,000 to $600,000.

“If I’m wrong (about a major event happening), I have a cool camper. If I’m right, I have a cool camper with stuff in it,” said DeLozier.

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