SANTA MONICA ( — Santa Monica residents claim a $25 million home in the area is being used as a disruptive party house—and they want the city to put a stop to it.

The City Council may pass an emergency ordinance Tuesday to ban and regulate large parties at a mansion located on La Mesa Drive, a quiet residential street.

The 10,000-square foot property, aptly named the “House of Rock,” has been the host of massive neighborhood shindigs with, at times, more than 350 guests.

Dozens of neighbors said the owners have been using the home for commercial purposes.

“It’s disruptive to the neighbors and it’s disruptive to the general community of Santa Monica. It’s not right that someone can run a business from a private house,” said Fionna Mason.

Resident Kris Newman said the parties are just a nuisance.

“These are homes where families live, where children live, where grandchildren come to visit. We want it to be safe,” she said.

City officials told KCAL9’s Melissa McCarty that the owners haven’t received any citations for the events—just traffic and parking violations.

Attorney Ben Reznik, who is representing the “House of Rock” owners, said operations for each event is legal.

He said it’s not a party house because the events are not-for-profit.

“(The owner) donates the house to a group of charities, a limited number of charities. She makes no money from it. In fact, it costs her money,” said Reznik.

There are also claims that the parties are an aggressive marketing tool to sell the home, which is set to go on the market in December.

“If you look at the charity events and the people who come to support the charity, 99.9 percent of those people couldn’t afford this house,” said Reznik.


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