REDONDO BEACH ( —Redondo Beach residents are still concerned about stray voltage from a local substation, even though crews have seemingly started to work on the problem.

On Monday, crews from Southern California Edison, The Gas Company, and a corrosion control company out of Gardena worked in and around the Topaz Substation, which sits next to the Knob Hill neighborhood.

Residents have long-claimed stray voltage from the substation and electromagnetic fields generated by the power lines made their families sick.

Edison said workers were installing a new grounding system at the substation, while The Gas Company said it’s replacing 3,000 feet of an 8-inch diameter steel gas line with 8-inch diameter plastic pipe.

The Gas Company said in a statement, “This is a long-term mitigation measure to address stray voltage. Plastic pipe is not conductive, meaning it will not carry electricity.”

The pipeline replacement work is expected to be completed before Thanksgiving.

Homeowners said they aren’t convinced the work is enough.

“I’m not really sure that’s a solution to the problem with the stray voltage. There is still stray voltage in the ground,” said Lori Barber.

KCAL9’s Suraya Fadel said she made several attempts to contact SoCal Edison, but her calls were never returned.


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