LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — Looking for a new fright?

You will find it with a scary play that runs through Nov. 10.

It’s a play and an interactive experience. It’s like “Tony and Tina’s Wedding” but only no wedding and professional actors try to scare the willies out of you.

CBS2 and KCAL9 reporter Amanda Burden says it might be the scariest play you’ve ever seen. “Because you are in it.”

She braved “Delusion: The Blood Rite” and is still rather shaken.

The play is set in an 107-year-old West Adams mansion. According to the play’s website, “This year, the play begins outside…in a graveyard. Bring a jacket. And extra underwear.”

Said one scared guest, “It was absolutely terrifying. I got kidnapped. I was scared.” At one point, “I was even made a demon sacrifice.”

Neil Patrick Harris, star of “How I Met Your Mother” on CBS and Hollywood stuntman Jon Braver lead the horror theater company known as Haunted Play, producers of “Delusion.”

Braver, who wrote and directed the play, says:  “I thought, let’s make an actual story inside the mansion and let the audience be a part of it and let them act out certain scenes. The audience has to do certain actions to move the story forward.”

“Delusion” has stunts, special effects and skilled actors trained in the art of scaring you.

Reports Burden, “It’s a psychological thriller that tests your courage. It is sure to keep you up at night.”

Post play, Burden spoke to several guests. “I’m not going to sleep. I’m not going to sleep. No, I’m just going to avoid the subject completely,” said one.

Said another, with a laugh, “Really scary!  Genuinely scary.”

Burden asks another patron, “Did you think you were going to tinkle?” The guest replied, “Oh yeah! I’m an old lady here!”

For more information about “Delusion” click here.


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