INGLEWOOD ( — Several ceremonies are planned in South Los Angeles Saturday for the space shuttle Endeavour’s 12-mile journey home to the California Science Center.

The Forum in Inglewood will be Endeavour’s first stop for a welcoming ceremony at 8 a.m.

The shuttle will then pause at 2 p.m. at the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza for a big celebration with dancers, music and gymnastics put together by famed choreographer Debbie Allen.

“Every kid you see in here and every kid on the street is going to own it. It’s our neighborhood, it’s our shuttle and it’s also a time of pride as an American,” said Allen.

The dancers also couldn’t hold in their infectious excitement.

“It’s like… whoa…it’s the LA streets. It’s like, the space shuttle. It’s fun! I get to boogie down,” said Harper Rhimes.

“I think it’s very historical that I get to dance in front of the Endeavour. I think it’s really awesome that it’s coming right past my house,” Micah Patterson said.

Meantime, the Los Angeles Police Department reminded residents that there will be street and sidewalk closures in order to ensure the space shuttle can fit on its route.

“We’re making all the safety precautions so no power lines get cut down or trees or anything else. Safety is important. We’re going to be uncomfortable, but this is historic,” said Officer Cleon Joseph.