STUDIO CITY ( — Housing expert and CEO of The Babb Group, Danielle Babb, stopped by KCAL9 Tuesday to discuss how to find the perfect home and tips to avoid dream house deal breakers!

Here are some tips Babb talked about:

Never Overlook These Dream House Deal Breakers:

Flight Paths. If you view a home on a windy day, the nearby airport could have changed their take-off and landing patterns. You may think that your house isn’t in the flight path only to find out that when there is no wind, you live right underneath an airborne intersection, and trust me, it’s VERY loud.

Rush Hour Traffic. Living close to a busy street and visiting the house in the middle of the day you aren’t likely to get the full scale of the noise. Always visit the house at during rush hour. Check for noise levels you can’t stand.

Flooding. Sure you were never informed that the house is in an official “flood plain” but every time it rains the basement fills up with a few inches of water.

Railroad Tracks. True story, this just happened to a friend of mine – they were standing outside of their newly purchased home when a train sped by. And not only that, the night train stopped and did its ‘train break’ right in the middle of their house – every night – at midnight. He couldn’t resell the home because other buyers did their homework.

Nightmare Neighbors. Sometimes the things that happen in a home during the day are different than at night. See if the owner/real estate agent will accommodate your visit at different times of the day or on the weekend. A loud partying neighbor every Saturday living it up in the backyard with loud music isn’t something you want your two year old to discover in the middle of nap-time every weekend.

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