By Jim Hill

PLAY DEL REY ( Lamar Odom looked a bit mesmerized as he showed up to the place where his NBA career started with the Los Angeles Clippers.

“This is a little surreal. I’m Lucky and blessed to be able to play and represent the great city of Los Angeles,” said Odom.

This time the tradition is much different.

Odom, unlike his rookie season in 1999, will have a lot of depth, including potential Hall of Famers like Chauncey Billups, Blake Griffin and Chris Paul by his side.

“To come back to LA and play for the team when I left, it was a lot different; the tradition, the mindset,” Odom told Jim Hill. “To be able to go through everything I’ve been through and bring it back, knowing the tradition is turning around to the better, it’s pretty cool. It’s a good position to be in.”

Clippers head coach Vinny Del Negro is confident in Odom returning to his form like when he won two NBA Titles with the Los Angeles Lakers.

“I spent time with Lamar, I feel very confident,” said coach Vinny Del Negro. “It is going to be a process for him a little bit, to get him at a level, and a conditioning level that I am comfortable with, that he’s comfortable with. But he knows how to play. He is versatile. He can play multiple positions. He has all the experience you could want. He is excited to get going.”


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