SEPULVEDA PASS ( — Contractors working on this weekend’s 405 freeway closure, dubbed “Carmageddon II”, will be fined a generous fee if the job goes over the allotted schedule.

Metro reports 30 percent more work needs to be done on the north side of the Mulholland bridge to complete the demolition job compared to last year’s work on the south side.

“Last year, we only removed one set of columns, so that means the contractor has to go in there and remove four columns, two on each side of the 405, in order to do the final demolition of the bridge,” said Metro spokesman, Dave Sotero.

In 2011, contractors had a $300,000 incentive to finish the work on time and reopen the 10-mile stretch of the 405 freeway from the 10 to the 101.

This time around, there’s no bonus.

There will be a penalty, however, for every 10 minutes the work goes beyond the set 53-hour schedule.

“The penalty is $6,000 per lane of freeway, per 10 minutes. Let’s assume the entire freeway isn’t reopened, that’s $60,000 every 10 minutes,” said Sotero.

Contractors said they will need all 53 hours to complete the job.


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