CERRITOS (CBSLA.com) — Inside Nakoula Nakoula’s Cerritos home, all appears quiet, peaceful and calm.

The same cannot be said for the outside of his home where a media frenzy continues.

Officials believe Nakoula is the filmmaker who made the anti-Muslim video “The Innocence of Muslims” which has set off a deadly firestorm in Libya and Egypt.

Carter Evans, reporting for CBS2 and KCAL9, has been camped out outside the home. He reported, “No one has come out the front door in more than 24 hours.”

KNX 1070’s John Brooks reports Nakoula’s family members have denied having anything to do with the film.

The film’s credits list Sam Bacile as a producer, but sources say that’s just an alias for Nakoula Nakoula.

Evans showed a scene from the film, apparently shot near the home’s front door. Neighbors familiar with the home say the scene was definitely shot inside the front foyer of the Nakoula home.

Many exterior scenes were reportedly shot at the Blue Cloud Ranch in Santa Clarita.

The shooting script was called “Desert Warrior.” Actors in the movie allege they were duped by Nakoula.

The lead character’s name used in “Desert Warrior,” for example, is George. Evans says “George” was changed to “Muhammad” in post production.

In one scene, Evans showed how the actor’s lip movements do not match the dialog.

Several actors in the film have said they were clearly misled about the anti-Muslim rhetoric contained in the movie.

They also said they had no idea about Nakoula’s criminal past. Evans reports that past includes serving prison time for bank fraud and methamphetamine production.


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