LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — The woman who became the world’s most famous breastfeeding mother after being featured on the cover of TIME magazine has done it again.

Jamie Grumet, a stay-at-home mom who homeschools her 4-year-old son Aram and 5-year-old adopted son Samuel, is the cover model of the latest issue of Pathways to Family Wellness magazine. On the cover, Grumet is breastfeeding her 4-year-old while being cradled in the arms of her husband and oldest son.

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The cover story revisits the infamous magazine cover, which showed Grumet looking out boldly as her son breastfeeds while standing on a chair. The tag line reads, “Are you mom enough?”

Grumet writes the blog “I Am Not The Babysitter,” the title of which references people’s common mistake in believing she is the babysitter of her two young children. In a blog post written a few months after the controversial May cover came out, Grumet discusses the experience and some of the lessons she’s learned since the media firestorm.

“I have almost completely stopped watching TV (except movies and a couple scripted TV Shows). I can’t even watch the news, after knowing the truth and seeing how it was reported so inaccurately, I just don’t trust it anymore. I also feel more empathetic towards almost everyone. Each move someone makes that I might not understand, I now immediately realize that I am not living in their shoes and I don’t have a clue what their life is really like. I think that is a wonderful reminder for everyone. We need to stop judging others and what we don’t understand (even if we think we understand, because chances are, we don’t)!” Grumet wrote.

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The two covers are obviously very different — Grumet says she felt shell shocked when she saw the TIME cover.

“I thought we were just supporting Dr. Sears in this little article,” Grumet said. “They chose a photo that was a little disconnected and I hated the tagline.”

Grumet said she and her family decided to do another magazine cover at the suggestion of Attachment Parenting International. The Pathways cover was inspired by a photo of her as a child with her parents, breastfeeding and reaching for her father.

“It was a moment that was captured that was really beautiful,” Grumet said. “It’s not just about the mother and the child in parenting. It’s really the whole family.”

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