STUDIO CITY ( — Digital Parenting Expert and CEO of Hilary DeCesare stopped by KCAL9 Thursday to discuss cyber bulling, teenage text etiquette, and how parents can decode new terms! is a safe social networking site for kids.

It’s the first site to launch a mobile component, which is scheduled to be released in early September.

Important terms for parents to know because kids use these terms when they are talking about something they don’t want their parents to see or hear:

PIR – Parents in room

POS – Parents over shoulder

PAL – Parents are listening

CD9 – Code 9 (parents are in the room)

Most commonly used bullying terms are:

Fugly – Fat & Ugly

Other bad (but vanilla) terms parent’s should know:

IRL – In real life (MIRL – Meet in real life)

AsciiArt – Using symbols to make shapes.

Misspellings/workarounds of sexual words – Pron (Porn) Xes (sex)

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