Fresh Brothers pizza opened its seventh store in the Los Angeles area last month.

Yes, they truly are brothers! Adam, Michael & Scott grew up in the Chicago suburbs in the 1970s. Every Sunday, they’d order pies from two old-style local pizzerias – a sausage thin crust from one, a spinach deep dish from the other.

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At 19, Scott opened Miller Pizza Company in Gary Indiana, with a recipe he was given by the owners of the Charcoal Pit. Miller’s was voted “South Chicago’s Best Pizza” by the Post Tribune. Now, Adam & Michael have brought Scott’s favorite recipes to Fresh Brothers, giving Chicago pizza a fresh new California twist!

Brentwood is the 7th store in the Southern California area with an 8th set to open in Santa Monica later this year. Thanks to a partnership with Michael Greenberg of Skechers fame, they are hoping to expand even further throughout the area. The hope, according to Debbie Goldberg, wife of Adam and co-owner of Fresh brothers, is that they will eventually have a store every 3 miles.

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All of the dough (except for the Gluten Free) for the pizza rounds is made fresh each day at the Manahattan Beach store and trucked to all others first thing in the morning. Every non-meat topping is freshly made each day. The menu choices vary from good old fashioned cheese and pepperoni pizza to amazing farmers market salads and even gluten-free and vegan choices. We won’t get started about the roasted garlic chicken wings or the garlic knots that I can never get enough of.

It’s not all about the adults at Fresh Brothers – the kids can have fun as well. They have multiple options for kids’ birthday parties available. Each child is given a Fresh Brother’s pizza box to label and decorate with stickers, markers, and crayons. The children then get to create their own edible masterpieces! Once cooked, pizzas are placed back into their boxes and brought out to the dining area. There is also an option to include face painting and/or balloon art.

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