PASADENA ( — Police are searching for the vandals who destroyed a 93-year-old woman’s giant, award-winning pumpkin patch in Pasadena.

Mae Powell said the large pumpkins in her front yard are the talk of the town this time of year.

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“(People) ask how they get so big, and one lady asked if (they’re) real,” she said.

Four of Powell’s pumpkins, including a 75-pounder, were smashed on the street Thursday night on the 800 block of Gainsborough Drive.

“I loved all my pumpkins…they were really pretty. How can somebody be so destructive?” she said.

The suspects also punctured Powell’s 300 pound pumpkin with two large umbrellas.

“I looked at my big pumpkin and that was gone too, so it was really sad, really sad,” she said.

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Powell hoped her largest pumpkin would bring home a ribbon in “Pumpkinmania,” a weigh-off contest in Irvine.

“I would win something for being the most experienced,” she said.

Neighbors were horrified to see Powell’s pumpkins in pieces.

“I think maybe she should have a little fence to protect the pumpkins that she’s growing,” said Mary Jean Wilson.

Powell said the incident won’t keep her from growing a pumpkin patch next year, but she may move it to her backyard this time.

“I think I’ll still grow them…I’ll win something,” she said.

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The 93-year-old is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the culprits.