Go-getting young moron Pennsylvanian  Jonathon Parker is under arrested on burglary charges. He’s accused of stealing a couple of rings from inside a home. He’s not accused of checking his Facebook status while inside; because he’s pretty much already confessed to that, by writing about his exploits (allegedly -Ed.) from his “host’s”  computer.

He wrote (allegedly -Ed.) “Robbing a house! LMAO — I’ll never get caught!!!!!”  (See above — if you can read it.) Well, we could tell he wasn’t the brightest bulb in the tanning bed, when he confused the word ‘robbing,’ with ‘burgling,’ or ‘burglarizing.’  But what really landed him in his current sorry state, is that … 

…he forgot to log out, when he was done (allegedly -Ed.)  The resident comes home, figures out what happened, and Mr. Parker now has extra time to work on his grammar. And his computer skills.


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