GLENDALE ( — There’s a bear that calls La Crescenta and Glendale home, but causes enough trouble that he’s landed in the news on several occasions.

“Glen Bearian,” also known as “Meatball,” enjoys climbing into residents’ backyards, helping himself to their trash, and going for strolls along the street.

Fish and Game officials say they’re beginning to wonder if it’s time for them to move Meatball, who was spotted wandering around La Crescenta Tuesday, to a sanctuary.

Resident Gini McLoud captured a video of the bear trying to climb her backyard fence on Canyonside Road.

“He was climbing like this, but his poor old legs kept slipping,” McLoud said.

Meatball had just started his neighborhood stroll at 9:30 a.m. when resident Lisa Dupuy locked eyes with the 400-pound animal by her pool.

“The phone rang, and I went to pick it up, and, as I looked out the window, there was a bear standing looking at me five feet away,” Dupuy said.

She said he took a dip in the pool and left his paw prints to prove it.

“He had the big orange tag on his ear, so I figured it had to be Meatball,” Dupuy said.

Last month, Fish and Game officials had to tranquilize and transport Meatball back to the Angeles National Forest.

Doug Cramoline lives in the neighborhood and was there that day helping the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

“Meatball, or “210” as they call him, is not aggressive and I think he would get along quite well if people would just secure their food,” said Cramoline, adding, “It would be a shame if we lost him.”

Fish and Game say they want Meatball to remain wild, but if he breaks into another home or causes trouble, they’ll take him to a sanctuary.

“I’m very ambivalent on it. I do believe bears should be free but I think he’s going to get himself into trouble and perhaps others into trouble if he keeps coming back,” Dupuy said.

Ultimately, these residents want Meatball to find a new favorite food that’s in the woods and not in trashcans.

A resident even started a Twitter page for Meatball and posted Tuesday: “I wonder whose pool I should pee in next? #Summertime!”

Another post read: “I have a happy bear life and have many bear children.”

Hopefully, Meatball will enjoy the same happy life if he’s sent to a sanctuary. Officials say they’re considering one in California and another in Colorado.

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