SAN CLEMENTE ( — A teenage skateboarder was the victim of a hit-and-run last Wednesday in San Clemente.

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The accident happened at the corner of South Ola Vista and Santa Barbara.

Hunter Bogert said he fell on his skateboard and was trying to get up when he was run over by a driver who ran a stop sign.

“I was getting up and the next thing I remember is I just got smacked in the back of the head, and I was being dragged by the car,” he said.

Bogert suffered a chipped pelvis and he’s unable to walk. He has tire marks on his arms and back.

“My stomach was just burning. The tire was on top of my hip on the back of me. And it was putting all the weight down on my stomach and just dragging me on my stomach,” said Bogert

Two of his friends saw the accident unfold.

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“After the first tire was already over him, I ran up and slammed on the window and I was yelling at her, so she could realize what she did wasn’t just a cat or something. It was a person,” said witness Conner Covy.

The left front tire of the car rolled over Bogert. As he pounded on the under carriage, the driver rolled over him with the rear tire and didn’t stop to help.

“I saw him under the wheel, banging on the side,” said friend Heloise Steen. “He was screaming, like, “Stop,” and just the look on his face…I could feel his pain. It was horrible.”

Bogert’s mother, Shauna, said her son is still having nightmares about the ordeal.

“He’s replaying it in his head,” she said. “How can (the suspect) live with herself? I wouldn’t be able to. Knowing a child was hurt and not knowing what happened as a result. He could be dead for all she knows.”

Investigators described the suspect as a woman in her 40’s. She was driving a gold Lexus SUV with Nevada license plates.

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Detectives said the license plate had a picture of the Las Vegas Strip with the letters “LV.”