VENICE ( —  A small crowd of women went topless at Venice Beach Sunday to protest the double standard of men being able to go sans shirt and their having to keep covered.

A small crowd, mostly comprised of men (natch!), watched.

The group believes if men can go topless women should be able to as well.

Leaders say they will also petition President Obama to make “Go Topless Day” a national event. (The organization’s website showcases the president, with ridiculously-ripped abs, and wearing a white bikini top.)

Go Topless Day was organized by Rael, spiritual group leader of the Raelian movement based in LA. Today marked the 5th annual event.

The group believes people on Earth were scientifically created by space aliens.

Topless Day events are also held in approximately 50 cities across the US and globe including San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Denver, Miami, London, Tel Aviv, Paris and Amsterdam.

Women are invited to go completely topless or cover their nipples with red tape, pasties or band aids.

For more information, go to the following link.


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