MONROVIA ( — Talk about a brazen home invasion.

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One baby bear didn’t even wait for the Larramendi family to leave before he came through a deck door to help himself to that night’s dinner.  And he didn’t miss the bottle of barbecue sauce either.

Rachel Kim, reporting for CBS2 and KCAL9, spoke to Lara Larramendi who thinks the bear got a little too close for comfort. “Now he has been in my home,” she says, “and that is the scary part. They lose fear of humans and that is dangerous to us and dangerous to them.”

The deck door was wide open Sunday around 11 a.m. when the bear, a surprise guest who has been frequenting Larramendi’s Monrovia neighborhood — mostly to cool off in pools and hot tubs — walked right in.

Larramendi was one room over from the kitchen. “He left the refrigerator door open and my dinner for tonight was gone! He grabbed the pork loin and a bottle of bbq sauce that was down here in the refrigerator.”

Apparently, the 2-year-old bear has a fancy palate.

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Larramendi took a picture of the bear the last time he came around … and stayed safely outside. “OMG. There was Yogi on the deck, looking right in.”

Not sure if this bear is smarter than the average bear, but for now he is content with quick snacks and quicker dips. “He loves to splash around in our pool,” said Judy Kline.

She isn’t worried about the bear showing up at her place for dinner. “I don’t cook! There is never much in my refrigerator. I welcome the bears as long as they don’t hurt any humans.”

The Klines keep their trashed locked up tight. Animal Control says that is one way to discourage the bears.

Larramendi has learned her lesson. “All our doors are locked.”

Speaking of bears, Glen Bearian  — the Costco meatball loving bear in La Crescenta with his own twitter following — has apparently also made a recent return to his fave neighborhood.

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One neighbor told CBS2 and KCAL9,  Glen was more interested in satisfying his sweet tooth. This time he made quick work of a bag of apple-flavored Tootsie Rolls. “He left a trail of them out of driveway and down the street.”