SAN DIEGO( -Football season is finally here!

A fight broke out during a Chargers-Cowboys scrimmage at Chargers Park on Tuesday after Dallas’ Andrew Szczerba ripped the helmet off rookie linebacker Melvin Ingram.

Regardless of being a rookie, Ingram did not let his guard down. And since the incident, the rest of the scrimmage was tense.

About ten minutes later after the first scuffle, veteran cornerback Quentin Jammer lit up wide receiver Dwayne Harris right by the goal line from a pass by quarteback Tony Romo.

Harris was shaken up and as soon as he got up, both teams went at it again.

This is what the Chargers have been looking for, a mean and nasty linebacker that opponents should be afraid of.

Ingram did not comment on the scuffle, but Szczerba did admit it was his fault on starting the fights.

“When you got two days and you got two teams with 90 guys, you’re going to have a couple of issues,” said head coach Norv Turner after the scrimmage. “I thought our guys handled it extremely well. Talking to defensive coordinator John Pagano, I think they handled it well over there in terms of not turning it into something bigger than it was.”


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