GARDEN GROVE ( — A Garden Grove jewelry store owner foiled an attempted robbery Wednesday by using an unlikely weapon…a golf club.

The incident happened around 3 p.m. at C&S Masterpiece Jewelry on Garden Grove Boulevard.

Police said two Asian men walked up to the store and indicated they had a question about fixing a piece of jewelry.

Authorities said after the store owner buzzed them in, one of the suspects used a stun gun on the owner’s neck and demanded access to the jewelry.

Instead, the owner ran to the back and pushed a silent alarm. When the suspects tried to take him down, using the stun gun on him repeatedly, he grabbed his golf club.

The owner hit them so hard, they took off running.

He said next time, he’ll think twice about opening the door to anyone.

“We gotta be more careful,” said the owner, who was too afraid to reveal his name. “It’s the first time for me. What a shock.”

Officials plan to review security tapes hoping it will lead to the suspects.

The suspects were last seen driving a stolen white 1994 Honda Civic with California license plate number 6JSN612.

About two weeks ago, a group of robbers targeted another Garden Grove jewelry store. However, when the owner opened fire, the thieves took off running. Police don’t believe the incidents are related.

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