... but the week is young.By Kent Shocknek

So the guy whose jet-ski conked out, so he had to swim and wade on over to JFK airport for help, now has been charged with trespassing.

Let’s review:  Daniel Castillo is playing  in Jamaica Bay, when his engine quits. He gets to shore, walks  around a bit… past a couple of runways, hops over a security fence,  wanders past an electronic security system (Lights! Cameras! Sensors!), and into a terminal.

The security people are shocked; shocked! This system has been billed as ‘state of the art.’  It’s so good, they use it at other airports. Except, apparently, it doesn’t work.

Is it fair they’re arresting the man who –apparently inadvertently– demonstrated that the ’emperor has no clothes’? His name’s not BinLaden, it’s Castillo. He should be getting an award. But don’t hold your breath, Daniel.


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