LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — From “skinny water” to “coconut water” to “vitamin water,” it’s easy to get confused by all the specialty waters out there, especially when people are struggling to stay hydrated in this heat wave.

CBS2 reporter Sibila Vargas takes a look at specialty waters and whether they are worth the price – or if buyers should just stick to regular water.

“The average person who is not performing high-intensity physical activity exceeding 60 minutes or more really isn’t going to benefit from an electrolyte-enhanced bottle water or performance water,” trainer Melissa Adylia Calasanz said.

The USA track and field certified, level one coach said bottled water with added electrolytes was unnecessary for people who aren’t physically active.

“You’re spending a lot of money on something you can get from a municipal tap water source,” Calasanz said.

Vitamin water claims it provides vitamin C, but Calasanz said you can get that just as easily by eating a piece of fruit.

“You can eat a tomato or a kiwi or an orange or an apple and you can get even more vitamin C than is what provided in some of these designer waters,” Calasanz said.

Jocelyn Gonzalez, of Los Angeles, said she enjoys vitamin water for the flavor.

“I like more flavored water than tap water. Tap water doesn’t taste that good,” Gonzalez said.

Calasanz warns buyers to read labels carefully because packed in with those vitamins and flavor can also be plenty of calories. Regular vitamin water contains 120 calories and about eight tablespoons of sugar.

“It has over 30 grams of sugar. And that’s more than one candy bar,” Calasanz said.

The trainer said she’s a fan of pure coconut water, a 60-calorie drink that replenishes the body with electrolytes.

“I would recommend replacing your sodas with a coconut water, but, again, I’d first encourage somebody to start moving more. Start sweating and then go ahead and grab a coconut water,” Calasanz said.

One brand, labeled “Dream Water,” claims to help people sleep.

“I would first recommend that they seek the advice of their health care practitioner before investing in a strange little bottle of water,” Calasanz said.

The makers of Dream Water told CBS2 that their ingredients have been individually studied and cite hundreds of studies. They also said the product has helped tens of thousands of people with rest and relaxation:

“Dream Water’s blend of these 3 active ingredients have helped 10s of thousands of people to date get much needed rest and relaxation. There is a tremendous amount of research supporting the rest and relaxation benefits of each of these 3 ingredients, at least some of which can be found at the following link: http://www.drinkdreamwater.com/natural-standard.”

And what about water promising weight loss?

Nutritionists say there’s no solid evidence that water, like “Skinny Water,” helps curb appetite. Calasanz said staying fit and getting the right nutrients and vitamins comes from exercising and eating healthfully.

The makers of Skinny Water said they make no claims that their water is an appetite suppressant or that it will deliver results, but hopes it inspires consumers to make healthier choices:

“Skinny Water’s® goal is to provide consumers with a great tasting functional water containing key electrolytes, antioxidants, vitamins with ZERO calories, ZERO sugar, ZERO sodium, ZERO carbohydrates and containing no preservatives, with all natural colors and flavors. Our Crave Control Raspberry Pomegranate water contains Super Citrimax and we’ve received countless email testimonials from consumers saying that the product has aided them in their quest to maintain and lose weight. Additionally, several clinical trials have been run by Interhealth, the manufacturer of Super Citrimax, that support the effectiveness of citrimax at the right levels. While we make no claims about our product as an appetite suppressant or that our product will deliver results, our goal is to inspire consumers to make healthier choices throughout the day, and consuming water and zero calorie functional water like Skinny Water is just one key part of the overall mix.”


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