LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — After the Los Angeles Lakers acquired Dwight Howard Friday, ticket prices and advertising rates are expected to go up.

“I am so excited; I didn’t even put moose in my hair this morning. I took a shower and ran out the door.” said Richard Walsh advertising salesman for Lakers’ radio broadcast.

Once the possibility of the acquisition was announced Thursday night, Walsh said advertisers were calling off the hook to get involved.

“Another called this morning and said, ‘We have a one-year deal for next year and asked if we could rip that up to a three-year deal.’ Just like that,” he said.

The advertising rates have already risen.

“The rates go up a little bit every year, but we’re not going to jump to a 50% increase. People coming into the broadcast right now, they’re going to have to experience a little bit of a different rate than maybe what was on the table yesterday,” Walsh said.

Even though Lakers season tickets have already sold out, ticket brokers have gotten a lot of interest overnight — skyrocketing the prices of premium tickets.


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