STUDIO CITY (CBS) — Going to a party this weekend? Don’t go empty handed!

Gift expert Lindsay Roberts, of, visited the KCAL9 studios Thursday to show viewers some fun gifts to bring to a summer party.

Perfect Shippable Picnic from
Let the host relax with prepackaged and handpicked delectable items sent right to their door. Comes with plates, picnic cloth, cutting board, cheese, salami, jams, caramels,everything you need for a perfect picnic. This shippable Perfect Picnic basket is perfect gift to ship as a Thank You after a weekend stay or a even great idea to bring over to a get-together is over thoughtful way to send to someone as a thank you for hosting them or bring to a summer party for everyone to share. Let them pretend they are on the Amalfi Coast of Italy & cherish this special picnic experience, the work is already done for them.
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Let Them Chill In Pullover Robes by Free Beneath
Free Beneath is an LA based company that is a perfect gift for the outdoor loving host after they have welcomed you into their home. Perfect for them to keep for additional guests or themselves to relax by the pool, the beach, coffee on the porch. They have a range of styles but their Shoreline was specifically designed for Southern California surfers. Perfect for a changing robe, easy to slip on and off your head. It’s ideal after a long day of catching waves. Keeps you totally covered in amazing, washable comfy fabric, with a kangaroo pocket, hidden pocket for ID and loop for keys. Prices range from $96-$129.

Succulent Stiletto Planter by GiddySpinster
This stiletto planter is made from a reclaimed high heel. Perfect eco friendly gift for the fashionista hostess. Totally unique way to give an indoor garden. Rachel, a California-based artist removes the top of the shoe, sands it, drills holes for drainage and then plants an emerald green aloe called “aloe no bills” with teeth all along its fleshy “petals.” Most of her plants are from a local Berkeley grower who is 100% certified organic

Magic Perrier
You will be the “mixologist” of the party when you bring the ‘goods’ to serve this retro-chic cocktail. Take any fluffy cotton candy, added California cool points if you get it from Santa Monica pier, put it in a tall glass and watch the magic when you pour Perrier Sparkling Natural Mineral Water for a magically instant bubbly treat. Fun refreshing treat for everyone. Great gift to bring all the goods and help out the hostess, add some more fun and pair with lip snap and mustache stray.

Cheeky IMProper Napkins by MemoryRoad
Give cheeky, IMProper napkins with a bottle of your hostesses favorite wine or drink of choice. Memory Road started at a greeting card line and then broke into cocktail napkins, we love their designs with authentic roaring 20’s artwork. A perfect ice breaker for any party. Bonus points if you buy a few sets and never walk in with a boring hostess gift again. $4.99 20- count pack, 3-ply. Made in USA and comes in 12 wickedly funny designs.
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Literally Give “House” Wine by
Perfect for the laid back hostess, paid with the Cheek IMProper Napkins. Food & Wine Magazine calls this wine a “steal.” It’s literally called “House,” “Merlot” “Cab” no fancy names aloud. Totally different than whatever the smancy wine snobs will send over. The wines are 100% varietal – no blending, no filtering, just pure, honest grape flavor. Top quality from Washington State.
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DIY Party Props from Papersource
Kick that party up a notch in fun, perfect for some hilarious photos. Bring and pull out this DIY Photo Party kit at your next party and let the photo fun begin. Kit makes 22 props which include quirky sunglasses, hilarious lips, surly mustaches. All you need is the glue. Everyone is a little less inhibited with a bit of a costume on.

Wine Sak from Uncommon Goods
As I am sure you can tell, we are totally not about just giving your average bottle of wine or liquor for special hosts. The sleek bag gives boxed wine a good name. Help your hosts keep it portable and save on fancy breakable bottles with this stylish and sturdy wine bag made just for boxed wine. This carrier keeps your fine wine fresh at dinners, parties and picnics. It comes with a non-slip rubber base and a comfortable handle for easy transport. An airtight spout fits all standard taps, and its adjustable interior is roomy enough to slip an ice pack (or three) to chill white wines. Rinses clean for easy maintenance.

Corkcicle from Papersource
Perfect thing to as a little extra with a bottle of wine for some extra summer fun. Forgot to put the white wine in the fridge to chill? Now you can have perfectly chilled wine, with this Corkcicle. This cool looking icicle is made from PBA-free plastic & filled with reusable freezer gel. $24.95 Great gift to bring to someone’s house. Find online or at the two new paper source LA shops.

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