ARCADIA ( — The excessive heat blanketing the Southland Thursday didn’t stop local youth sports and other outdoor activities in Arcadia.

Kids were spending as much as six hours on the field at the Challenger Sports Soccer Camp.

“It’s tough. We have to make sure we have water bottles at all times. All the kids need to stay hydrated. Every time I coach, I have a water bottle in my hand,” said coach Leigh Rumbold.

Because of the heat, the team took a break every 10 minutes. They focused more on technique than full-blown drills.

Staying hydrated was the most important lesson of the day.

“The first day (the kids) didn’t have enough (water),” said parent Leena Thomas. “They came and told me ‘Mom, I need one more bottle of water,’ cause it wasn’t enough.”

Coaches, as well as parents, were encouraged to watch for symptoms of heat-related illness. That includes headaches, shallow breathing, and flushed skin.

Heat exhaustion can lead to heat stroke, which can pave the way to brain damage or death.


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