RANCHO CUCAMONGA (CBS)— A Rancho Cucamonga man who was shot in the neck with a pellet gun while driving his car chased and recorded video of the suspects.

It happened Sunday on Foothill Boulevard near the 15 freeway.

“I just got shot in the neck by these guys,” said Dan Laue. “I was hit in the neck, and I immediately grabbed my neck and saw the gun being pulled back in the window.”

At the time, he wasn’t sure what type of gun it was, but he said he saw the suspected shooter firing at other cars, too.

Laue used the On-Star system in his car to call police. He had his left hand over his neck because it was stinging. His right hand steered the wheel.

“I grabbed my phone. All I had to do is hit the button and hit record, and I was driving the car with the camera,” he said.

Laue was able to stay with the suspect’s car and give police a license plate number.

The dispatcher told him to stop following the suspects, but Laue didn’t listen.

“I was going to find them and catch them and get the police behind them. One of the things that happens all the time is they can’t find them. Or even if (police) get the license plate, by the time they get to them, (the suspects have) ditched the weapon. And there’s no proof they did anything,” he said.

About five minutes after Laue called police, he was able to flag down an officer to arrest the kids.

A 15 and 17-year-old boy were cited, but they were released to their parents. They’ve been charged with brandishing a replica firearm.

Police said two airsoft guns were found inside the suspect’s car.


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