LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Officials Tuesday were investigating an alleged fight that took place outside of Michael Jackson’s mother’s home.

The incident comes days after Katherine Jackson was reported missing by her nephew. The elder Jackson left her Calabasas home more than a week ago, but is reportedly safe with her daughter in Arizona.

However, she is still out of contact with her three grandchildren, which angered 14-year-old Paris Jackson.

“9 days and counting…so help me god I will make whoever did this pay,” she tweeted.

There’s now a move to place Michael Jackson’s three children under temporary guardianship since Katherine, their sole guardian, is not in California.

On Monday, security video from Katherine’s home showed Paris arguing with Janet and Randy Jackson. Moments later, a physical altercation broke out.

L.A. County Sheriff’s Department Spokesman Steve Whitmore said Jackson’s children were not involved.

“We took a battery report and nobody was arrested. Nobody was cited,” Whitmore said.

However, Michael Jackson’s estate executors are speaking out.

“We are acutely concerned about the welfare of Mrs. Jackson, and most particularly with Michael’s minor children. We are concerned that we do what we can to protect them from undue influences, bullying, greed and other unfortunate circumstances,”  John Branca and John McClain said in a statement.