STUDIO CITY (CBS) — With the Summer Olympics right around the corner, it’s time for athletes to focus.

Beverly Hills licensed therapist and elite skills analyst Carla Lundblade stopped by KCAL9 Monday to discuss her top 10 tips for helping athletes focus.

Lundblade believes getting ready to compete or perform requires as much mental training as it does physical training.

The married mother of two received her B.S. in psychology and graduated Summa Cum Laude from Southern Oregon University. She also received her M.S. in Applied Psychology with a Concentration in Mental Health Counseling from Southern Oregon University.

Below is Lundblade’s two-tiered system to successfully achieve mental focus:

*The first five steps require that the athlete works on removing / controlling specific common problem areas.

5 stresses to remove during performance time:

1. Friends – They can’t understand where you’re at right now. Be kind. Don’t expect them to.

2. Family – It’s all about you right now and it’s OK.

3. Finances – Do strategic career planning away from performance times and you’ll never worry again.

4. Fame – It works like Karma. Don’t worry about it. How it works is that you don’t seek it — it will find you.

5. Fake people – They come out of the woodwork when you’re successful and it’s flattering. It’s really just fake and depleting. STOP THEM!

*Once the issues that inhibit performance have been removed / addressed / controlled, athletes will have better results with the following.

5 positive additions to your mental game:

1. Self-confidence – Claim it.

2. Success thinking – It’s the only mental option to think about, rehearse!

3. Expectations – Expect greatness, feel happiness.

4. Perfectionism – You’re already perfect and everything you need to be.

5. Trust – Know and believe in the millions of success experiences you’ve already had and trust that your body and brain working together know exactly what to do without your awareness.

For more information about Carla Lundblade, visit her website.