PALMDALE (CBS) — One of the twelve people killed during the Friday movie massacre in Aurora, Colorado grew up in Palmdale.

Air Force Reservist Jesse Childress was 29.

Edward Lawrence, reporting for CBS2 and KCAL9, talked to friends who knew Childress well.

Lawrence reported that the deceased man’s family was not ready to talk or share stories; they are overcome with grief.

Kids who grew up alongside him were shocked to find out their friend was among the fallen. Said William Grier, “He was like a brother to all of us, man. Color did not matter. He taught us all the same thing. We played in the front yard here. We played football here. We grew up here. We just hung out. This is just … so sad.”

He paused and said, “This is crazy.”

Erik Plascencia remembered his friend for being incredibly smart. “He was a really nice kid. He was probably the first one any of us would go to for advice. A really smart kid.”

Two military men were killed in the attack and memorial services with full military honors will be held for both.

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