LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Several people have been indicted in an alleged conspiracy to manufacture and distribute large quantities of PCP.

A federal grand jury returned a 13-count indictment naming the following defendants: Darryl Dwayne Burton, 56, Carl Michael Arnsby, 41, and Lagina Bell Huckaby, 32, all of Los Angeles; and Omar Ahmad, 59 and Doris Renee Wade, 47, of New York.

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Burton, also known as Theodore Hooks, was specifically charged with obtaining the chemicals and cooking the PCP.

The investigation began when DEA agents in New York developed a source, who agreed to help undercover operatives get 30 gallons of PCP from California.

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That investigation culminated in February, when authorities in Culver City seized a total of 60 gallons of finished PCP, as well as hundreds of gallons of highly toxic PCP-precursor chemicals that could have been used to manufacture more than 1,200 gallons of PCP. Officials say a gallon of PCP contains approximately 74,000 doses of the drug.

The chemical alone had a potential street value of more than $12 million, federal officials said.

All five suspects are in custody in Los Angeles and are expected to appear in federal court next week for arraignment on charges of various PCP-related conspiracies. Burton also faces weapons charges.

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All five defendants face potential life sentences if convicted.