CARSON (CBS) — Residents of Carson are on edge after a series of dogs have been attacked and killed by wild coyotes.

Angie Rios is one of dozens of residents of the Carson Harbor Village Mobile Home Park who say they are living in fear.

She told CBS2 and KCAL9 reporter Melissa McCarty, “I’m so scared of these coyotes.”

Scared and upset. Her dog Princess, a Shih Tzu and poodle mix, was on her back porch over the weekend when a coyote came looking for food. “I’m devastated,” says Rios.

Giovanney’s 6-month-old poodle was also attacked a few days ago. “He grabbed her by the neck and took her with him. That was the last time I seen her.”

Word has spread among residents. Now many of the people who live here will not leave their homes without sticks, bats or ear-piercing horns.

At this point, they will consider anything to keep their pets safe.

The coyotes roam night and day and their pack is growing. So is their brazenness.

Luris Bell says, “When a coyote is hungry and as bold as they are,  we have neighbors confronting them and shooing them. And they won’t move. They’re co-existing with us and they feel this is their territory”

Resident Dan Green is concerned for his two miniature Pinschers. “I’ve spent the last 5, 6 days walking outside the fence on Avalon Boulevard because I’m afraid of the coyotes.”

Officials say this pack comes from a nearby marsh land. And they have adapted to urban living.

Carson Mayor Jim Dear says the coyotes are starting to show up in other areas, too. He believes the best solution is to trap and kill them.

“We really concerned that nothing is going to happen until humans are attacked. That’s wrong. We have to prevent that from happening.”

James Goldstein owns the marsh and the mobile home park.

The mayor says Goldstein won’t allow the coyote traps on his property. “He’s certainly an obstacle at this point,” says Dear.

For his part, Goldstein’s attorney — Richard Close —  says the marsh is controlled by the state and it’s illegal to trap and kill wildlife. Plus, he believes the traps could be a potential liability.

Says Close, “We want to make sure that any program that is instituted won’t harm the residents.”

The mayor says Carson has spent $10,000 of tax payer money to hire a trapping company. And he wants Goldstein on board.

Goldstein’s attorney says his client is trying to find a workable solution that won’t pose a risk to the public.


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