LONG BEACH (CBS) — A group of martial arts enthusiasts foiled a jewelry store heist in Long Beach on Monday.

The attempted robbery happened shortly before noon at Vi Mean Chey Jewelry at 1248 E. Anaheim Street in Long Beach. Three men nearby who were on a break from a martial arts conference encountered a suspected gunman inside the store.

Seiha Hak was among the three who intervened in the robbery after seeing one suspect armed with a gun.

“He didn’t try to shoot, he had his gun in his hand,” Hak said. “I took him down and my master came in and took the gun away.

“I’ve trained all my life (and) know how to use it,” he said.

The martial artist experts disarmed and detained the suspect until police arrived. One bullet grazed the head of the store owner, but his condition was reported to be fine following the incident.

Two other men involved in the attempted robbery got away.

The three good Samaritans were in town from the East Coast for a Cambodian Martial Arts Competition.

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