ALHAMBRA (CBS) — A missing elderly couple last seen Wednesday has been found safe and sound.

The couple made it to Lake Arrowhead — about 75 miles from their Alhambra home — before they were recognized by someone who saw their story on TV.

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Amado Avila, 91, and 95-year-old Micaela Avila were last seen at their  home on Wednesday.

They reportedly got in their Nissan to make a simple trip to Costco. The couple got confused and went the wrong way. Family members were distraught.

The couple has been married for seven decades and family say they still like to do everything together, especially holding hands.

Police said the couple’s daughter, Cindy, notified authorities when she was unable to locate them after she realized that they had left their home.

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Cindy told CBS2’s Stacey Butler she had no idea why her parents ended up in Lake Arrowhead but it was a frequent place to visit when she was growing up. Said Cindy, “Dad is wondering how they even got up here.”

“Thank God for the media,” she said.”We were worried sick about them.”

She then told reporters, “We just want to get them home. They’re very tired.”

The couple had last been seen last night on surveillance video. A helpful stranger was shown trying to show them how to get on the 10 Freeway.

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Reports Butler, the couple was “disoriented but they were otherwise okay and in good shape.”