STUDIO CITY (CBS)— From once being homeless to now being a multimillionaire, Dr. Joe Vitale stopped by KCAL 9 studios on Saturday to discuss some great tips on money and how to secure financial success.

Vitale’s new book Attract Money Now can help people get out of debt and financial struggles once and for all. His methods do not include real estate, investing, or saving for a rainy day, but instead real and practical ways to do what you love and create financial success.

In ATTRACT MONEY NOW you will learn:

• How to get rid of hidden beliefs that are holding you back

• One of the best kept secrets of the wealthy for attracting money easily

• Two amazing ways to ask for money-that always works

• One thing to do that will ALWAYS lead to more money

For more info on Dr. Joe Vitale and financial tips, visit his website.


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