IRVINE, Calif.(CBS) – NBA Commissioner David Stern and Jim Rome got into a heated exchange on the conspiracy of fixing the lottery that granted the first pick to the NBA-owned New Orleans Hornets.

Stern came on the Jim Rome Show on CBS, which is shot in Orange County,

“New Orleans won the Draft lottery, which, of course, produced the usual rounds of speculation that maybe the lottery was fixed,” Rome said. “As I know, you appreciate a good conspiracy theory as much as the next guy: was the fix in?”

Listen to Interview:

This question didn’t sit well with Stern.

“I have two answers,” an agitated Stern said. I’ll give you the easy one: No. And shame on you for asking.”

“I understand why you would say that to me and I wanted to preface it by asking it respectfully, but I think it’s my job to ask that question,” Rome responded.

To that, Stern said: “Have you stopped beating your wife, yet?” implying Rome’s questions wasn’t fair.

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